For Medical Fetish Fans–Strip-Searched, Gangbanged and Bred

Here’s another hot, kinky medical fetish story you won’t find if you only search from Amazon’s main page. The author of Strip-Searched, Gangbanged and Bred, Victoria Wessex, has this to say:

strip searched gangbanged bredThis is one of my all-time favorite stories, and I’m really annoyed it’s been filtered. It really is a no holds (or holes) barred journey into the dark side of authority. Uniforms? Check. Latex gloves snapped threateningly onto big, male hands? Check. Examination table, complete with stirrups? Check. Helpless young woman, all alone in a foreign country, in a white-tiled room with four burly customs guards who want to put this American ‘slut’ in her place? Check check check check check. It’s a generous length, too (15,000 words) and I think that if any of the above sounds like your sort of thing, then you’ll probably like this one. Have a read of the extract below and decide for yourself. And please, if you like it, leave a review!


More about the story: Melanie, a New York fashion journalist, finds herself helpless in the hands of four customs guards in the small, notoriously corrupt nation of San Relando. Her experience has been carefully arranged by her boyfriend Alex to fulfill her fantasies…but how far will the guards take things, and is it really just a game?

Warning: this 15,000 word story contains a strip search, humiliation, latex gloves, cavity searches, photography, examinations, oral and anal sex, gang bangs, bareback sex and breeding.

Enjoy this preview of this Amazon-filtered breeding erotica story!


They showed me into the examination room. It was all white tile, even the floor, like an operating theatre. I heard the door close behind us with a nasty little snickt.

There was a gynecologist’s examination table, with a padded top covered in dark blue vinyl. Some trolleys with equipment on. And along one wall a large, rectangular mirror: it must have been eight feet wide. I knew it was another two-way mirror, an observation room on the other side. I wondered who was watching.

‘Undress.’ Vesallo said.

I stood there in shock for a second. I’d expected a pat-down, not…. I turned to face them. My arm came up protectively, subconsciously I guess, over my breasts, even though I still had my clothes on.

‘You can’t–‘ My voice broke and I had to swallow and try again. ‘It has to be women who do this. Female officers.’

Vesallo glanced at the other three. ‘Does it?’ he asked them. They shrugged and smiled. ‘No,’ he told me. ‘We don’t think it does.’

They all stared at me with a hungry look. The mood in the room changed. I could feel it: the rising male excitement. And deep inside me, I could feel the dark heat starting to build. My God – how far will this go?

I slowly took off my jacket. Just the action of shrugging it off my shoulders made my breasts jut out. The men were still remaining semi-professional, but I could see two of them smirk. Vesallo and the older guy remained stony-faced.

I laid the jacket on a chair and stood there in my blouse, trying not to think about how gauzy it was. The lights in the room were overhead fluorescents, blasting straight through the thin fabric. They could no doubt see my body outlined very nicely.

I raised my hands to the buttons of my blouse and started to work down them. Like a countdown: eight buttons until I’m in my bra. Seven. Six. My bra was on show, my light tan skin smooth. Five, four, and my breasts were heaving behind the curtains of my blouse as I sucked in my breath, trying not to hyperventilate. Three, two, one, and the sides of my blouse were flapping loosely. I pulled it off and draped it over the chair, feeling the chill air creep up my back as I stood there in my bra. It was white, plain and simple, but it contrasted with the delicate, tan I cultivated over the summer very nicely. I watched their eyes crawling over my breasts, full and ripe. I’m a C cup. One of them, the young guy, smirked and I felt myself blush at being displayed for them.

I undid the button on my skirt and fumbled with the zip, eventually freeing it. I had to wriggle it down over my hips, flushing at the way it made my breasts jiggle and sway. Then the thing was sliding down my bare legs. I picked it up and placed it on the growing pile on the chair, stepping out of my heels at the same time and onto the freezing tile floor. My panties matched the bra, simple white briefs, cut high on the hips. They felt minuscule, under the probing eyes of the men.

I stood there, in bra and panties. The silence built, all four of them letting their eyes roam over me. It was another watershed moment, the professionalism slipping away. I knew it was going to get worse, now, and the idea filled me with a sick dread even as the lust rose inside me.

Vesallo folded his arms. ‘I didn’t say stop,’ he told me.


If you enjoyed that preview, then go purchase Strip-Searched, Gangbanged and Bred! And don’t forget to search for all your erotic fiction in either the Kindle search on the website or the Books search.

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Daddy/Daughter Incest, Lesbian Sex and BDSM

daddys dungeon 2Daddy’s Dungeon, Volume 2-The Exploration by Michelle Fawkes continues the story of hot Jenifer and her step-father that started in Volume 1-The Discovery. In the first story,  Jenifer found her daddy’s sex dungeon and found a way to get him to introduce her to the joys of all his toys!

In The Exploration, Jenifer invites some friends to the dungeon to play and has to figure out whether she’s a natural Domme, a Sub, or someone who can be both, depending on her partner. Enjoy Jenifer exploring her sexuality and topping a friend with a strap-on dildo, among other sexy scenes.

There’s also plenty of hot step-daughter and step-daddy sex as well as erotic BDSM to turn you on and keep you turning the pages. You won’t find the Daddy’s Dungeon if you search from the Amazon main page. This ebook is filtered to be hidden from the general search. Make sure to go right to the Kindle or Books section when you’re looking for taboo sex stories, pseudo-incest and the kinks you love!

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BDSM Daddy Daughter Sex Stories by Michelle Fawkes

If you’re a fan of daddy-daughter BDSM incest, then Michelle Fawkes’ Daddy’s Dungeon series is for you.

daddys dungeon 1In Daddy’s Dungeon, Volume 1-The Discovery, Jenifer finds her step-father’s BDSM dungeon full of sex toys and devices, and schemes a way to get him to show her just what everything in the dungeon is for.

Like your daughters hot and spicy and your stepdads unable to resist their allure? Jenifer knows what she wants and decides to get it from her dad–this is daughter daddy sex for the BDSM fan who wants to read hot erotic fiction on the Kindle.

Remember, Amazon hides this title from the general search. You can only find this and other pseudo-incest stories by searching under Kindle or Books. But you don’t have to look for this one–click the link above and buy your copy today.

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Amazon-Filtered Monster Sex Breeding, Tentacle Style

alien tentacle sexAnother one of Jessi Bond’s hot monster sex stories is hidden by Amazon’s adult filter. Even if you search on the exact title from the main page, you’ll never find it!

Outer Space Tentacle Gangbang is an alien M/F group sex story that’s sure to get hentai lovers’ juices flowing. The fun of being helpless with squirming, relentless tentacles reaching for every hole, group tentacle sex, android sex, interspecies breeding and more are waiting for you in this hidden alien sex story. Lots of group action and probing tentacles are sure to make this story one you won’t forget anytime soon. Click the link above and buy your copy today.

And consider letting Amazon know that it’s unfair to hide some titles without telling you that they’re hiding them. Ask for an adult filter that lets you choose whether to hide all erotic titles or see all of them, instead of them picking and choosing which ones are invisible based on some standards that they won’t reveal to writers. We have to guess which words trigger the filter–they won’t simply tell us. Asking Amazon for a simple customer-controlled adult filter is the best way to ensure the taboo sex stories you love will continue to be available and easy to find!

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Monster Sex Breeding Gangbang Erotica that’s Hard to Find

bred by the centaursHere’s another monster breeding story by Jessi Bond! Bred by the Centaurs is M/F monster gangbang erotica that’s sure to please anyone who enjoys reading about sweet young things and huge, hung creatures.

Monster sex lovers get a short story full of hot and horny centaurs, a quivering near-virgin girl and a cuckolded husband who gets to enjoy a creampie.

What’s the only thing better than monster sex stories with centaurs? A centaur gangbang! But you won’t find this Kindle erotica if you search from the main page, even if you search on the exact name of the title. Search for monster fucking stories like this one under Kindle or Books. If you want this hot, centaur taboo sex title, click the link above and buy your favorite erotica today!

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A Breeding Monster Sex Story Hidden by Amazon

breeding_monster_sexIf you love monster sex stories and erotic breeding stories, but you’ve only ever searched for these things on Amazon’s homepage, you’re missing out. Amazon’s filter won’t let you see all the available titles unless you search under Kindle or Books. Here’s a hot story you might have missed.

Breeding with the Beast by Jessi Bond is M/F breeding erotica with a monstrous twist. A re-imagined beauty and the beast story, this tale involves kidnapping and a delicate beauty trying to handle a horny, hugely-hung monster. This is kinky, monstrous taboo erotica that you won’t find from Amazon’s main search. If you like the idea of a big, clawed monster fucking and breeding a tender young woman, buy this Kindle erotica now!

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Taboo Erotica: Preacher Daddy on Daughter in an Incest Sex Title You Might Have Trouble Finding

I’m featuring Amazon-filtered titles by other erotica authors to help you find more of the stories you want–you won’t find these stories even if you type the exact title and author name into the search on the Amazon home page. Amazon has seen fit to hide them from you. If you enjoy things like monster sex stories, pseudo-incest like daddy sex stories or sibling sex, gangbangs and breeding erotica, then you’ll want to do all your searching from the Kindle or Books search, not the All Departments search on the main page.

bredbypreacherdaddyBred by Preacher Daddy (A Sinfully Rough and Reluctant Breeding Story) by Jenevieve DeBeers hits at least a few of Amazon’s filter-triggers, so you won’t find it in a general search.

Cadence is a wicked girl who needs to be tamed by her preacher step-father.  The story features explicit sex and naughty, taboo daddy on daughter action.

If you’re a fan of daddy sex stories, you should always go direct to the Kindle or Books search. Otherwise, some of the hottest stories are hidden from you!

If this daddy and daughter incest story looks good to you, good news–it’s a sequel to Punish Me Preacher Daddy (A Sinfully Rough Sex Story).


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Recent Release: Debbie Loves Doctors 2, BDSM Sex Clinic Exam in The Rape Fantasies Series

Debbie Loves Doctors 2: BDSM Sex Clinic Exam, a new story in The Rape Fantasies series, is available now!


Debbie is a member of The Club, an organization that fulfills forced sex fantasies for its members. She enjoyed having her fantasy fulfilled with the dominating doctor, but now she can’t get him or how he made her feel out of her mind. She screws up her courage and calls the number he gave her in hopes that he’ll want to treat her again. She has no idea the doctor hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her, too. Debbie may be headed for a unique relationship that’s perfect for the aching submissive within her.

This story is big fun for people who love the medical fetish kink and who enjoy a little bit more than just sex. This erotic short story is approximately 9,000 words long and is intended for adults only.

Enjoy a steamy sample of this medical fetish erotica, then get your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or Kobo!

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New Release! Debbie Loves Doctors: Medical Fetish BDSM Sex Exam in The Rape Fantasies available now!

Debbie Loves Doctors: Medical Fetish BDSM Sex Exam, a new story in The Rape Fantasies series, is available now!

Debbie Loves Doctors, Medical Fetish BDSM Sex Exam Book

Debbie is a member of The Club, an organization that fulfills forced sex fantasies for its members. The diagnosis is hot and wet as Debbie is called in to handle some administrative details and discovers that a doctor and his naughty nurse are waiting to help her fulfill her kinkiest medical exam fantasies. They give her everything she’s been hoping for with a few sexy, knee-shaking surprises thrown in. Take two interns and call a doctor in the morning.

This story involves medical device play and lots of thrilling rubber gloves. Enjoy bondage, pain play, urethral sounding and catheter play, an enema, the use of a speculum, oral and anal sex, and a couple of doctors pounding it to the helpless patient. It may not be for the faint of heart! This erotic short story is approximately 11,000 words long and is intended for adults only.

Enjoy a steamy sample of this medical fetish story here on the site, then get your copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or Kobo!

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My Erotic Fiction, Now Available from Kobo!

Now you can get hot, sexy erotica for your Kobo ereader. Currently, all my titles are available through Kobo, and the plan is to have all future titles available there, in addition to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

It’s one more way to get your erotic fantasy fix! Here are the handy links for all current titles:

The Rape Fantasies

Step-Daddy’s Sex Slave


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