Amazon-Filtered Monster Sex Breeding, Tentacle Style

alien tentacle sexAnother one of Jessi Bond’s hot monster sex stories is hidden by Amazon’s adult filter. Even if you search on the exact title from the main page, you’ll never find it!

Outer Space Tentacle Gangbang is an alien M/F group sex story that’s sure to get hentai lovers’ juices flowing. The fun of being helpless with squirming, relentless tentacles reaching for every hole, group tentacle sex, android sex, interspecies breeding and more are waiting for you in this hidden alien sex story. Lots of group action and probing tentacles are sure to make this story one you won’t forget anytime soon. Click the link above and buy your copy today.

And consider letting Amazon know that it’s unfair to hide some titles without telling you that they’re hiding them. Ask for an adult filter that lets you choose whether to hide all erotic titles or see all of them, instead of them picking and choosing which ones are invisible based on some standards that they won’t reveal to writers. We have to guess which words trigger the filter–they won’t simply tell us. Asking Amazon for a simple customer-controlled adult filter is the best way to ensure the taboo sex stories you love will continue to be available and easy to find!

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