Censorship in the Corporate Age

Pseudo-incest involves non-related people who are legally related only because of someone else’s marriage. If I had a sexual affair with a man I’m not blood-related to who is married to my great aunt, for instance, that’s pseudo-incest. If I were 18 and had an affair with my step-father, that would be pseudo-incest. It’s fake incest, therefore not incest at all.

And apparently, at least according to Paypal and some other credit card processors, it’s obscene, and you won’t be able to buy such stories anyplace those processors handle the payments. Rape fantasies are also right out the door, mostly, it seems, because the word rape is included in the phrase. Rape, real incest and besitality aren’t allowed either. But they mostly never were. Many people find those topics harder to defend. I don’t, because we’re talking about FICTION.

Titles containing these hot-button topics have been removed from various independent publisher and bookseller sites over the last week, and more have been threatened with account cancellations and holds if they don’t remove them quickly. You can still purchase some of these topics right now at the big bookstores, but the independent ones can no longer sell them to you, ergo, you can no longer buy them there.

Every site wants to accept┬áPaypal because so many people use it. By threatening the loss of that service, they really are threatening the livelihood of these small companies. A payment processor is telling you that what you like to read is obscene (which infers unsavory things about you, doesn’t it?), and that you can no longer buy it from any company that uses their service.

If that doesn’t piss you off, it should. As a writer, I’m appalled. As a reader, doubly so. My thoughts as a reader are summed up at the end of my post at One-Handed Writers today:

I Wasn’t Raped by a Guy Not My Dad, during which No Children and Animals were Present

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