New Release from Leota M. Abel, Regency Erotica

Leota M. Abel, the author of Jukebox Jebezel (which you can still get for free) and its sequel, Full Throttle Fuck, also writes a kinder, gentler series (that’s still piping hot) called The Erotic Education of a Naughty Miss. More sensual than raw, it’ll still make you fan yourself.

The first in the series was Annabel’s Introduction, in which Annabel gets an eyeful while looking out the window and needs a discreet maid to show her how much pleasure the flesh can hold.

In the sequel, Averted Scandal, Annabel meddles in the affairs of a former rival, all while getting some more intimate education, this time from her sexy, future husband.

If you enjoy scandal, intrigue and sexytimes from the Regency era, then grab your copy today!

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