Step-Daddy’s Sex Slave

Book#1: Worship Your Master

For the two years Greg was married to Amber’s mom, Amber wanted nothing to do with him. Now, he’s divorcing the mom, and Amber’s 18 and in need of funds for college with no one else to turn to. When she comes to Greg for help, he decides to give it–but he wants Amber’s body and her obedience in return.

The step-father/step-daughter sex in this story could take Amber and Greg from an ambivalent relationship to a new understanding. This is an unapologetically erotic series, with a focus on the sexual content, BDSM and pseudo-incest as an integral part of the story, using explicit language and events for adults only.

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Book 2: Learn to Obey

Amber comes back the next day, to Greg’s surprise and excitement. Now that it’s clear she intends to go through with the summertime arrangement, Greg introduces them to both to a new way to play with the help of a DVD and some toys.

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Book #3, Pleasure and Pain, is coming soon!


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