With Sal Cooley

Sal likes extreme kinks and outrageous, unusual sexual situations. From huge insertions to horny aliens looking for mating stock, Sal likes a wide, bizarre variety of erotica. No holds-barred for this one! Cherry has experience getting sexy, taboo stories out there for readers like you to enjoy.

Put them together, and you’re in for some of the kinkiest, hottest stories imaginable for your ereader.

Cherry and Sal released My Girlfriend’s Horse Dildo Fantasy in August of 2012. It’s available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords and Kobo. Look for the fun and sexy sequel from Sal and Cherry, Horse Dildos for Both my Girlfriends, coming in mid-2013.

My Girlfriend's Horse Dildo Fantasy

Sal released a couple of alien-monster-sex-slave titles last year based in the world of Cherrys’s upcoming erotic alien novella. If you’re into more hardcore, taboo, dubious and non-consent erotica where everybody still ends up having a pretty good time despite dire circumstances, check out Training Milk Slave Jade and Bred in an Alien Web, both in the Sex Slave Erotica from the Alien Breeder Ship series

And check out Sal’s website for new releases.

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